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World War 2 Weapons
American Rifles
American Sub Machine Guns
American Machine Guns
British Rifles
British Sub Machine Guns
British Machine Guns
Russian Rifles
Russian Sub Machine Guns
German Sub Machine Guns
German Assault Rifles
German Machine Guns
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About this page

This website is for everyone who is interested in World War II. This war was personally, one of the most interesting for me, and so because of that, I thought I would share my interests with the world. If the website expands, might add a forum, as well as more pages for modern technology.

This page will cover the technology that the Germans, Russians, British, and Americans used during World War II. I hope you like it, so please enjoy!

This page is nonprofit, but if you like it, see the contact information if you would like to make a small donation. All proceeds help the creator and the website.


3/20/04- Finished the American Machine Guns, British Rifles, British SMG, British MG, Russian Rifle, Russian SMG, German SMG, German Assault Rifle, and German MG.

3/19/04- Started the website building, and started adding information.


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